Homedale High School

Class of 1965



In Remembrance 

These pages are dedicated to those who have passed on before us.



1965 Graduates

 Five members of our graduating class have preceded us in their passing.

Linda Kay Cegnar (1947-1966)

Candace Elaine 'Candy' Phillips (1946-1969)

David Ross Duke (1946-1970)

Robert Lawrence 'Bob' Rohl (1946-1989)

Shielda Faith Mealey (1946-2002)


Others who attended with the Class of 1965

 Joe George, LeRoy Fessner and Jeff Wood started with our class in the fall of 1953. Joe and LeRoy graduated in 1966. Jeff left us after the eighth grade for Georgia Military Academy. Jim Love joined us for the seventh and eighth grade.


James Walter 'Jim' Love (1946-1964)

Ernest LeRoy 'Roy' Fessner (1947-1967)

Joseph Francis 'Joe' George (1947-1996)

Larry Dwaine Brown (1946-2001) New

Jeffrey Kelley 'Jeff' Wood (1947-2005)


Teachers and Administrators

 The following are some, but not all of our teachers and administrators who have passed on.


Elementary & Junior High School Teachers

Mrs. Lena Balius (1893-1964) - First Grade

Mrs. Adrienne McConaughey (1916-2005) - First & Third Grades

Mrs. Olga Claybaugh (1890-1984) - Third Grade

Mrs. Bessie Cox (1889-1984) - Fifth Grade New

Mrs. Margaret Neef (1907-1977) - Fourth Grade

Mrs. Frances Echevarria (1915-2009) - Fourth Grade

Mr. Paul Holmes (1902-1988) - Sixth Grade

Mrs. Irene Rencher (1896-1985) - Grade School Music

Mrs. Nydia Parkins (1904-1992) - Seventh Grade

Mr. William Fugate (1897-1967) - Seventh Grade

Mrs. Edwena Regan (1908-1976) - Eighth Grade

Mr. Don Rosenberger (1934-2003) - Junior High

Mrs. Ruth Wilson (1906-1997) - Second Grade New


High School Teachers 

Mrs. Helen Butler (1914-2007)

Mrs. Ardath Chatterton (1923-2006)

Mrs. Barbara Gardner (1904-1985) New

Mr. Kenneth Langdon (1938-2008)

Mrs. Vivian Nye (1916-1988) - Librarian

Mr. Bob Persin - (1938-1998) New

Mrs. Hollis Selders (1916-2003)

Mr. Harry Zanks (1922-2000)


Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Deward Bell (1923-2007)

Mr. Charles 'Chuck' Zollinger


Custodians and Cooks

Following are some of the custodians and cooks we passed in the halls and who served us lunch while we were in grade school.


Laura Combs (1906-1985)

Shade Combs (1923-2007)

Virgil Kindred (1898-1980)

Ruby O'Neal (1911-2007)