Homedale High School

Class of 1965


Our parents


Our parents were an integral part of the lives of each and every one of us, but we don't often remember how much we were affected by the parents of our classmates. They were often our room mothers and transportation. They attended our sporting events, concerts, plays, and churches. We spent time in their homes and they in ours.

As we've lost touch with our classmates, so have we lost touch with their parents. This page is dedicated to our parents and is intended to help us discover what has become of them.

If your parents aren't listed here, it means their information hasn't yet been found. If you would like to have them included, please let us know who they are and what has become of them. We would also like to include pictures, so please send copies if you have them available.


The parents of 1965 graduates:

Antone 'Skip' Bicandi
Kaye Bright
Sheila Brumett
DyAnne Carson
Don Carver
Linda Cegnar
Dave Duke
Fred Egurrola
Elaine Eidemiller
Neva Ethington
Mark Evans
Bob Fox
Janice Hastriter
Karen Hibbs
Gerry Holbrook
Robert Holbrook
Raymond Hunt
Doralee Jemmett
Brian Johnstone
Lyle Jordan
Janet Kinder
Tom Levanger
Bob Lincoln
Brent Linder
Zoe Ann Linder
Tony Maher
Judy Markley
Shielda Mealey
Glenn Miller
Albert Moore
Vicki Nation
Don Oeleis
Mary Lou Parrill
Candace Phillips
Dennis Robinson
Bob Rohl
Jim Wilson
Rich Roland
Donna Rudd
Leon Search
Vicki Selders
Charlie Shenk
Bruce Sibert
Jerri Silveria
Paula Simon
Larry Stansell
Rae Dene Stuart
Lewis Tucker
Larry Udlinek
Tim Volk


The parents of additional classmates:

Ruby Beagley
Rebecca Britton
Lesta Buck
Barbara Dickey
Lee Duke
Gary Galemore
Jim Galemore
Bruce Gilbert

Beverly Gouldman
Darlene Helderman
Bobby Henley
Judy Keck
Lynda Lowder
Connie Painter
Bill Petzoldt
Anita Phillips
Alice Radcliffe
Nada Shenk
Art Solis
Severina Solis
Donilyn Swan
Carol Tallman
Gail Waite
Jeff Wood