Homedale High School

Class of 1965



You are cordially invited to attend the 45-year reunion of the Homedale High School - Class of 1965.


A few weeks ago, a few of us gathered in Caldwell to begin the process of putting together a class reunion for the class of 1965. It has been 20 years since our last reunion was held, and this reunion is far overdue.


            The response to the invitations for a class reunion has been overwhelming. Of our class of 49 graduates, 44 of us remain. 36 have committed to attend, and others haven’t yet decided. Nine others, who didn’t graduate with us but attended along the way, have also made a commitment to come. At least six of our teachers are also going to be in attendance.


The reunion will take place at the Txoko Ona Basque Center, 333 Main Street, Homedale on August 7th and 8th, 2010. Festivities will begin with a social hour starting at 4:00 p.m. Saturday. Dinner will be served at 6:00. We will gather again at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday where a modest lunch will be served. The agenda is going to be kept as simple as possible to allow the maximum time for visiting with those we haven’t seen for many years. The cost per person, with the exception of guest teachers and administrators, will be in the neighborhood of $35. You will be receiving a letter from Dennis Robinson within a short time, spelling out more specifically the details and asking who might attend with you.


            Please feel free to call, write or send an email at any time.If you want to know how to get in touch with another classmate, please feel free to ask.


            All of the graduating class is invited to attend, as well as any who went to school with us during our 12 years of education in the Homedale school system. A number of our teachers and administrators are also being invited.


            For twenty of our graduating class, school started on Tuesday, September 8, 1953 in the recently constructed Homedale Elementary School, later to be named Washington Elementary School. Eventually many others joined the class until 49 of us graduated in a ceremony on May 25, 1965. Those who graduated were:

       Antone Bicandi, Kaye Bright, Sheila Brummett, DyAnne Carson, Donald Carver, Linda Cegnar, Dave Duke, Fred Egurrola, Elaine Eidemiller, Neva Ethington, Mark Evans, Janice Hastriter, Karen Hibbs, Bob Holbrook, Gerry Holbrook, Raymond Hunt, DoraLee Jemmett, Brian Johnstone, Lyle Jordan, Janet Kinder, Tom Levanger, Bob Lincoln, Brent Linder, Zoe Ann Linder, Tony Maher, Judy Markley, Shielda Mealey, Glenn Miller, Albert Moore, Vicki Nation, Mary Lou Parrill, Candace Phillips, Dennis Robinson, Bob Rohl, Rick Roland, Donna Rudd, Leon Search, Helen Selders, Charles Shenk, Duane Sibert, Paula Simon, Larry Stansell, Rae Dene Stuart, Lewis Tucker, Larry Udlinek, Tim Volk and Jim Wilson


            For 12 years, many of us were the best of companions in a small environment. It is far past time that we reunite and share the experiences of our youth and the excitement of our adult lives.


            Mark Evans




Reunion Committee:

Dennis Robinson - Vicki (Selders) Bicandi  - Fred Egurrola - Elaine (Eidemiller) Carpenter - Skip Bicandi - Mark Evans