Homedale High School

Class of 1965


Class History

In the fall of 1953, twenty members of our present class started first grade together under the direction of Mrs. Balius and Mrs. McConaughey. They were: Kaye Bright, Sheila Brumett, DyAnne Carson, Linda Cegnar, Elaine Eidemiller, Neva Ethington, Mark Evans, Bob Holbrook, Gerry Holbrook, Brian Johnstone, Janet Kinder, Bob Lincoln, Zoe Ann Linder, Tom Levanger, Judy Markley, Don Oeleis, Helen Selders, Paula Simon, Larry Stansell, and Jim Wilson.

Don Carver from Roswell, Janice Hastriter from Ridgeview, and Karen Hibbs from Marsing joined the class in the second grade. That year, our apples were taken to Mrs. Brown and Miss Wilson. 

During the third grade when Mrs. Claybaugh and Mrs. McConaughey were teaching us, our group gained Skip Bicandi from Fruitland, Tony Maher from Jordan Valley, Albert Moore from Oregon, Dennis Robinson from Moscow, Rick Roland from Texas, and Rae Dene Stuart from Roswell. 

Coming to us from Roswell, Mary Lou Parrill joined the class in the fourth grade when Mrs. Neef, Mrs. Echevarria, and Mrs. Briggs were our teachers. 

The fifth grade brought several new class members; Doralee Jemmett from Caldwell, Lyle Jordan from Middleton, Brent Linder fro Ridgeview, and Leon Search from Roswell. Our teachers were Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Mann. 

In the sixth grade when our teachers were Mrs. Brigs and Mr. Holmes, Fred Egurrola from Boise, and Glenn Miller from Caldwell were added to the class. 

In the fall of 1959, our class entered Junior High. Vicki Nation from California, Donna Rudd from Oregon, and Charlie and Nada Shenk from Ridgeview were our new students that year. 

The only addition to our group in the eighth grade was Candy Phillips, who came to us from Oregon. Our teachers included: Mrs. Regan, Mrs. Parkins, Mrs. Nye, Mr. Walker, Mr. Fugate, Mr. Kelley, Mr. Rosenberger, and Mr. Long. Several of the memorable events of our year as the “big eighth graders” were: the school plays, “Aunt Hetty,” and “Hercules’ Night Out”; the Valentine Party ruled over by King Skip and Queen Candy; and, the Mother’s Tea. Sending us forward to our high school years were the final events of the year, the Class Day and Award Assembly. 

Finally, in September of 1961, we made the great transition to high-schoolers, and entered HHS as Freshmen. Our entrance, needless to say, was made to the groans of the upper-classmen. Although there were a great many new teachers, there were only two new members: Lewis Tucker from Marsing, and Lee Duke from Oregon. Our Homecoming Attendant was Donna Rudd. We were barbarically sold as slaves, but recovered from the horrors of our ordeal in time to add quite a feather to our cap by taking first place with our float “Roll ‘Em Out.” 

New classmates our Sophomore year included Jerri Silveria from California, Duane Sibert from Marsing, and Larry Udlinek from Parma. Our float “Butcher ‘Em” tied for first place, and the class felt pretty special for receiving that prize two years in a row. Mary Lou Parrill was the Sophomore Homecoming Attendant. 

The next year, 1963, we came back as upperclassmen—the Juniors of HHS. Added to our ranks were: Dave Duke from Oregon, Shielda Mealey from Melba, and Tim Volk from Nampa. Nancy Hollist was our Homecoming Attendant; our float “Let’s Go Make Headlines” trailed in taking fourth place; our Junior-Senior Prom, “Fantasy of the Sea,” depicting an underwater scene was a great success; the long-awaited class rings were received; and Elaine Eidemiller and Janet Kinder were chosen as Girls’ State Delegates, while Mark Evans and Rick Roland were selected to go to Boys’ State. 

At last, in the fall of 1964, our class met for its final year at Homedale High. Brian Johnstone was chosen as Student Body President, and Rick Roland served as Senior Class President. Judy Markley was chosen as Homecoming Queen, while Helen Selders and Janet Kinder were her Senior Attendants. Our float “We Smell Wildcats” took second place. The only new students were Ray Hunt from Murray, Utah, and Bob Rohl from California. May 25 came at last; and we, the graduating class of 1965, left the halls of HHS for the last time.

                                                                         Kaye Bright